Hillary’s Big Labor Problem

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton

Are labor leaders hedging their bets that the email scandal that surrounds Hillary will ultimately end in her campaign’s demise? Why else would labor leaders not be jumping on board Hillary’s campaign?

According to The Hill, big labor might not be getting behind Hillary anytime soon for several factors:

Labor leaders say they are keeping their options open. Trumka said it is “conceivable” that the AFL-CIO — the nation’s largest labor federation — would not endorse a candidate at all during the primaries.

Adding fuel to the fire, Trumka met with Biden last week in Washington, and will march with him in a Labor Day parade. He said the primary race is “still wide open.”

“Biden’s a good friend — he’s been a champion of working people,” Trumka said this week during a breakfast with reporters. “He would be a good candidates. He would be a good president.”


Big labor also loves Bernie Sanders.

The labor movement has also lavished praise on Clinton’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders.

“I think he’s connecting,” Trumka said at the breakfast. “He has a very unique and genuine way of talking about the most pressing issue in politics, and that’s inequality in America.”


Some strategists are convinced it is all a big ploy to force Clinton into more pro-labor policies.

But Democratic strategists say the praise for Sanders is a ploy by labor leaders to secure more support from Clinton.

“They want to squeeze out every bit of pro-labor policy they can from Hillary before they make an endorsement,” Bannon said.

Labor would also like stronger commitments from Clinton to not only fight for trade protections, but also push for an increase in the minimum wage and expand union membership, said Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.

“Their hesitation is creating leverage,” Zelizer said. “That way Hillary will feel a lot more pressure to speak up about their issues.”

However it plays out we expect Hillary to go “all-in” for labor support in 2016.

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