Trump should throw a little more heat Hillary’s way says Carly

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Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina had some advice for Donald Trump.

In an appearance on Fox New’s Fox and Friends:

“For heaven’s sake, I actually wish Mr. Trump would throw a little more heat Hillary Clinton’s way,” said Fiorina.

“I feel sometimes as though I’m the only candidate who’s been critical of her,” she added.

Carly has been rising in the polls over that last month and was widely seen as the clear winner in Fox News’ non-prime-time debate last month.

In particular, her rise has been due in part of her constant criticism of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Labor Day morning was no different.

Fiorina blasted Hillary for comparing Republicans to terrorists over their views on abortion and called her a liar.

“The truth is, Mrs. Clinton has lied as secretary of State about Benghazi, about her emails, about her server,” Fiorina said.

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