Fantasy Football: Top 5 Sneaky Picks

The season is about to start, so here are your top five fantasy football players to get under the radar.

The Fantasy Football season is quickly approaching and NFL games are starting in just a few days . The most crucial part in drafting a fantasy team is to find the players who are hiding in the weeds. (And if your league has already drafted, you need to pick up some sneaky players to boost your chances).

There are always players that come out of nowhere or are undervalued by fantasy enthusiasts. Here are five players to acquire so you can win your fantasy league this year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is going into his first season as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. He spent the majority of his career floating around the league playing good football, but never being respected.

Now Fitzpatrick is in a no-fail position. There aren’t any expectations and he actually has weapons on the outside; something he hasn’t had with any team he’s played for.

With Eric Dekker and newly acquired Brandon Marshall, Fitzpatrick is finally set up for success.

Tevin Coleman

One name that no one is looking out for is Atlanta Falcons rookie running back Tevin Coleman. Coleman spent his college years with the Indiana Hoosiers so he didn’t get a lot of publicity. If he played for a program like Alabama or Florida he would have been a top 5 draft pick in the NFL.

The Falcons backfield is extremely depleted so Coleman should see a ton of playing time this season. Pick him and you will have success this year.

Nelson Agholor

The wide receiver position is always so deep, but not everyone pans out. Agholor is a rookie who could avoid flaming out quickly and do some great things this season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Agholor is entering his rookie season after playing his college ball at Southern California. He was a star receiver there and now is playing in a Chip Kelly offense that thrives on a lot of plays. Agholor could easily getting 7-9 targets per game. That alone boosts his fantasy stock, especially in PPR leagues.

Devin Funchess

The Carolina Panthers are entering 2015 with one of the worst wide receiver corps in the NFL. Their top receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, went down with a season ending injury in the preseason leaving plenty of room for players to shine. This is where rookie wide receiver Devin Funchess comes into play. He is a big receiver from Michigan that can go and get the ball.

Cam Netwon needs someone to throw to and Funchess fits that bill. Draft him late in your fantasy draft and it will pay off in the long run.

Todd Gurley

One of the more risky picks on this list is St. Louis Rams back Todd Gurley. Gurley was drafted by the Rams this year despite a major injury in college. Even though he is still recovering and may not be ready for the first game he is a nice player to stash.

Gurley will have to compete with Tre Mason for playing time, but Gurley will likely get the starting nod by mid-season.

Get Gurley and it will pay off for you when it comes time to win the big games.

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