Colbert Devotes 10 Percent Of Premiere To Trump

The worst thing for a comedian is to have a subject but no platform. At least, that seems to be at issue with Stephen Colbert who spent a large chunk of his time on billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy after Colbert’s previous gig on Comedy Central had ended. Colbert did not waste time, however, with his fair share of quips at the Republican presidential candidate during the premiere of his new show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert late Tuesday night.

“Just like the rest of the media, I will be covering all the presidential candidates… who are Donald Trump,” Colbert said.

As his monologue went on, Colbert continued to focus on the GOP front-runner, quipping that Trump’s claim that he knows how to build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States involves knocking his signature towers down to the side, keeping people from coming in or out.

Another joke involved Trump’s response to a question about people supporting him from white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, to which the real estate mogul said “a lot of people like me.”

“Yes, everybody likes Trump, even white supremacists, which is amazing because Trump isn’t even white,” Colbert said. “He’s more Oompa-Loompamerican.”

But Colbert saved the strongest bites for last with his chomping on Oreo cookies, a product Trump has threatened to cease consuming after Mondelez announced they were shutting down part of their production plant in Chicago and moving operations to Mexico.

“I’m not surprised Donald Trump is willing to stand up to Big Cookie. After all, he’s the only candidate brave enough to deport the Keebler Elves,” Colbet said. He continued: “He’s forcing Republicans to decide between alienating Latino voters, and eating Hydrox.”

At the end, though, Colbert realized his problem downing the snack.

“I think I’m going to hate myself in the morning,” he said.

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