Outsider Status A Strength in Latest Presidential Poll

Outsider appears to be the biggest advantage in running for president this year as a new Washington Post-ABC News poll states that 72 percent of Americans believe politicians are not to be trusted and fully two-thirds of them believe the current political system is dysfunctional.

These numbers bode well for candidates like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, but do not signal much hope for Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. In the poll, 21 percent, a significant share of the electorate, believe fixing America’s political dysfunction is a waste of time and energy, opting for a tear down and rebuild approach to our government.

On top of those numbers released, a CBS/YouGov survey of Iowa and South Carolina – two of the three earliest selection contest – showed an overwhelming majority of Republican and leans-Republican voters think the GOP have compromised too much with President Barack Obama. These numbers coincide with recent polling showing the real estate baron Trump and neurosurgeon Carson amassing the top two spots in Iowa, with Trump at 33 percent and Carson at 20. Former-Florida Gov. Bush, meanwhile, rests at third with 8 percent, with US Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) tied at fourth. The rest are at or below 5 percent: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul stands at 5 percent while former-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are at 3. Fiorina is the exception of the outsider, getting only 2 percent, but her numbers have grown nationally since the August 6 “pre-debate” forum on Fox News. She has performed strong enough to land in the Top Ten of CNN’s required polling average and a spot in Wednesday’s debate.

Further, Democrats are struggling to rally behind their insider Hillary Clinton. She remains the frontrunner but less than have of the Democrats are happy that she will be their nominee. Her support stands at 42 percent, a 21-point drop since July, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders holding securely at second with 24 percent. Sanders, a self-declared socialist and perceived Washington outsider, has stayed in the mid-20 range since his summer surge in the polls. In third is the undeclared candidate Vice President Joe Biden.

Much of the former Secretary of State’s drop comes from white women, who have fled her campaign in droves. She lost 33 percent of their support and stands tied with Sanders for their backing at 31 percent.

Further, Clinton’s broad support for president has fallen, too. Her lead in a general election matchup has dwindled down to three percent, within the margin of error, against GOP frontrunner Trump.


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