Carson Sees First Poll Lead in Louisiana

Ben Carson’s climb to the top of the polls has reached his peak in one southern state. In a WWL-TV/Advocate poll released Friday, the neurosurgeon-turned-candidate is beating Donald Trump and the rest of the crowded Republican field in the Louisiana primary on March 15, 2016.

In the poll of 800 likely voters for the Republican primary, Carson has 23 percent of the support, four points higher than Donald Trump, who is in second place. Jeb Bush is third with 10 percent and Marco Rubio rests at fourth with 9 percent.

Carson, who has been gaining traction against Trump’s anti-establishment message, has been popularly seen as the reasoned alternative to the businessman’s loud nature. While the real estate mogul has been busy calling his political and personal enemies as “losers” and proclaiming that “there will be so much winning you’ll get tired of winning,” the retired doctor has been quietly collecting record hauls and talking about policy positions with the careful skill of a surgeon.

After the September 16 debate, the calm and reasonable style of politics has been winning over supporters. Trends since the debate have shown Carson emerging into the margin of error on a number of major polls conducted nationwide. He has raised over $20 million in the July-September quarterly period, more than all the GOP candidates in 2012 combined, and has gained conservative support for his remarks that he would not support a Muslim president, though he later clarified he would not support a radical Muslim.

Also of note, however, is the continued downfall of the once-promising Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor polled a surprisingly-low 3 percent in his home state, a sign that his campaign is in severe trouble. Jindal had at one time been tabbed as the likely challenger to President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. But the 2009 Republican response to Obama’s speech to Congress was heavily panned, leading to the Indian-American’s journey to political obscurity nationally.

For Trump, this continues a trend of stories that have shown the luster of his summertime explosion into the race is starting to dim. He has struggled to find enough grassroots support in Illinois to help get his name on the primary ballot there and his campaign is in a public spat regarding the campaign bus the businessman used in Iowa during the early parts of the campaign.

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