Poll: Carson Is The Candidate To Beat In Both Parties


With the 2016 election just a year away, Ben Carson is not only on top for the Republican nomination but also beating Hillary Clinton, according to one poll.

Quinnipiac University’s national poll, released periodically, has the retired neurosurgeon, under fire from the left for his beliefs regarding addiction and ancient Egyptian history, is statistically tied with businessman Donald Trump for the Republican nomination at 23 and 24 percent, respectively. The poll has a 4.4 percent margin of error for the GOP nomination. No other candidate came within 10 points of the two candidates, with Sen. Marco Rubio in at 14 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz at 13 percent.

The unique aspect of the poll shows that 63 percent might change their mind as the primary election gets underway with Iowa’s caucus and the New Hampshire primary in early February.

Also found in the poll was that Carson would beat Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, 50 to 40, with a 2.9 percent margin of effort. Rubio, Cruz and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie all top Clinton in individual head-to-head matchups while Trump loses to the former Secretary of State.

“Is there a doctor in the house? There certainly is and at the moment Dr. Ben Carson is delivering a troubling diagnosis to Secretary Hillary Clinton,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, in a statement. “With the election one year away, Ben Carson has surgically cut away all but one GOP opponent and taken a scalpel to Hillary Clinton’s lead.”

A lot can, and usually does, happen in a year, though. This time in 1992, President George H.W. Bush, riding off the spoils of a victory in the Gulf War and the economy not yet the focus of the campaign, enjoyed a 21-point advantage over Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. As the war faded from the voter’s importance, Clinton steamed ahead to beat Bush 365 days later.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist, does not fare better against Carson or Rubio but does do better against Trump, Cruz and Christie. Trump and Jeb Bush were the the overall losers in the general election matchups, though. Trump lost in head-to-head polls with both Sanders and Clinton while Bush had the worst net favorability rating. Carson had the best favorables with Rubio, Cruz and Sanders trailing him.

For honesty, Clinton received the lowest rating with 60 percent saying she is not honest or trustworthy. Trump was just behind at 58 percent while Carson had the best remarks with 62 percent saying he was honest and trustworthy. The only concern in the questions for the Carson was about experience, with exactly half saying the neurosurgeon does not have the right kind of experience to be president. The other top polling candidate, Trump, fared worse in that category at 58 percent, making them the two lowest-polled candidates for experience.


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