Talib’s Antics Cost Broncos Game

Football games consistently seem to come down to the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, but Sunday’s game between Denver and Indianapolis have a different ending that most.

The Broncos had a promising chance to make some plays in the final minutes to possibly win the game, but Aqib Talib let his emotions get the best of him and essentially ended the Bronco’s night. The Colts were faced with a third and goal but quickly turned into a first down when the cornerback was penalized for unnecessary roughness. Not the most unusual of situations until you get into the details of what actually happened on the field.

Colts tight end Dwayne Allen and Broncos linebacker Von Miller were visibly exchanging heated words at the end of the third down play when Talib appeared to casually run from 10 yards away, stepped up to Allen and reached through Allen’s facemask and with two fingers — not just one —poked him in the eye. He didn’t appear to try and hide his actions in any way, and Allen dropped to the ground quickly and Broncos staff ran in to evaluate his injury. Camera’s caught Allen’s visible pain.

“You guys ever played football? You ever lost, at the end of the game? If you can remember back at how that feels, that’s how I felt,” Talib said, via the Denver Post. “I was just mad, man. It was the heat of the moment. You think I play football to poke people in the eye? It was an honest mistake. From my angle, I see [Allen] head butt Von a little bit. I went over to poke his head, and I think my hand slipped and hit his face. He acted like he got in an 18-passenger car wreck. I guess that’s what type of guy he is.”

Talib didn’t actually stop there with the eye-poke. He was also penalized one more time for unsportsmanlike conduct. This penalty just seemed like another nail in the coffin for the Broncos, as their chance of winning had already seemingly slipped from their fingers because of Talib’s two-finger jab.

In the end, the cornerback’s antics cost the Broncos a win, an undefeated season, a chance at history for Peyton Manning, and a one-game suspension.

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