Millennials Dump Trump In Latest Poll

Trump Millennials

Millennials have poor opinions of the GOP frontrunner, largely oppose policies towards Muslims.

The kids don’t really like Donald Trump.

That’s the latest information from a Monmouth College (not the university) poll on so-called millennials who find the GOP presidential candidate in a negative light. Among those polled earlier in December, just 17.5 percent voted have a favorable opinion of him compared to 49.6 percent who view him negatively. That gives the billionaire businessman a -32.1 favorability rating, a death-knell for most candidates.

Those who are registered Republicans give the real estate mogul more of a pass with a 21-point favorability rating (34.8 percent positive to 13 percent negative).

To make matters worse, Latinos and women hold stronger negative opinions of Trump, with 52 percent or women who do not agree with his plan of a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” The overall survey sample opposed the plan 46.4 percent versus just 32.2 percent who supported it. And while Trump has seen his proposal propel his national numbers upward among the general population, about half of the millennials said it would make them less likely to support the GOP candidate, with nearly 60 percent of Latinos saying they are less likely to support him.

In a head-to-head matchup with the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Trump fares poorly. He would receive just under 25 percent of the vote compared to 37.7 percent who said they would support Clinton and another 22.5 who said they would not vote. Among African-Americans, long a Democratic voting bloc, Clinton has the 53-14 edge. Trump gets just 10 percent support from Hispanics.

“This is the second in our series of national polls dealing with millennials,” said Joe Angotti, a visiting professor of communications at Monmouth College and former executive producer for NBC Nightly News. The poll called 300 adults who are determined to be millennials, specifically the 18-to-24-year-olds. The poll is not intended to be a predictor of how Trump will perform in an election but gain an idea of how young adults view the frontrunner.

The first poll conducted in October showed 15 percent support for the businessman in the primary, fully five points higher than Ben Carson. The questions asked were different than December, aside from support for candidates and demographics, and based upon issues making headlines at the time.

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