BREAKING: Christie Drops Out

Chris Christie

Sources confirm that Chris Christie has ended his presidential run. CNN earlier reported that Christie was meeting with top campaign staff today to discuss this decision.

One of the sources told the national network that the New Jersey governor is a realist and knew that his poor showing in New Hampshire’s primary (he finished last among the three governors for sixth place) paired with dwindling cash reserves and a failure to appear in the coming Republican debate spells the end for the once-promising campaign.

CNN said that the same source said there were some who “had left Christie for dead after the bridge incident and the fact that he was able to claw his way back into a competitive situation in New Hampshire shows how resilient of a candidate he was and how good of a campaign he had around him.”

It is unclear who Christie will endorse, but that endorsement will probably not come in the near future. Christie was very kind to the other governors, Florida’s Jeb Bush and Ohio’s John Kasich, during the previous debate and slammed Sen. Marco Rubio for his repetitive responses, a move that likely cost Rubio a chance to coalesce as the establishment choice.

Christie is a rare politicians in the country, having won two elections as a Republican in the reliably-Democratic state of New Jersey. His rise to fame in the party was blunted a few years ago when accusations rose that he had highway lanes closed going through one town after an election where the town’s mayor did not support his campaign. No charges were filed and the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey said there was no evidence showing the governor had advance knowledge of the closures or directed the effort.

Another blow to his campaign came during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when Christie was seen hugging President Barack Obama when the latter arrived to survey the damage. Christie blasted opponents who criticized the move saying that politics needs to be put aside when people’s lives have been severely altered. This did not endear him to conservatives, however, who were already disappointed in some of his social stances.

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