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Justin Shimko, Editor

Justin Shimko is an award-winning former reporter for a number of news organizations in his past life. He started working for The Oklahoma Daily and briefly worked for The Daily Oklahoma and the Associated Press before joining Oklahomans for Jobs Now as a communications contributor. After his time in Oklahoma, Justin took his writing skills across the country, working for a variety of organizations before settling in the Chicagoland Area where he is now a consultant for a number of organizations and editor of American Daily News. He is the recipient of a number of SPJ awards for his writing on politics and government while working in Oklahoma, as well as recognition by the Columbia School of Journalism. Justin received his degree from the University of Oklahoma with additional study work completed at Georgetown University.

To contact Justin, email him at: info@AmericanDailyNews.com.

Michael Flaherty, Associate Editor, Sports

Michael Flaherty is a recognized writer and researcher based in Chicago. He has an extensive knowledge of the NBA and voting trends throughout the United States, a unique and, he says, important quality to have. He is a consultant on database research for a number of organizations, both state and national, and has worked as a copy-editor for municipal publications.

Don Harmison, Technical Advisor

Don Harmison is an accomplished technical professional with a focus on platform development and website maintenance. When he isn’t trying to keep things running, he is trying to keep the office happy. His overall moral-boosting skills makes him a valuable asset in the office while his technical skills makes him valuable online.

J. Davis, Senior Writer

J. Davis is a senior writer with a generalized focus. His work in politics, finance, sports and entertainment has given him a broad perspective on American life, which he has been able to bring to American Daily News. When he is not working on the next story, Davis is managing a consulting firm for Chicagoland organizations.

Diane McDonald, Contributor

Diane McDonald is an experienced writer, with a high interest in architecture and history. Working in public archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg and George Washington’s boyhood home – and later as an education assistant at a renowned architect’s home & studio – has heightened her desire to inform the public through writing. She currently works in the Chicagoland area despite being a Lions fan.

Jim Nyhan, Family Entertainment Writer

Jim Nyhan has been working in the Family Entertainment field for several years, following in the footsteps of his father.

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