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New Hampshire

Fight For Relevancy Continues After Trump, Sanders Win

The morning after Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders easily snatched victory in New Hampshire, jostling for the other spots continue. What is known is that the billionaire businessman from nearby New York had no problems holding onto his monumental lead prior to Tuesday’s election, winning 35 percent of the vote. The runner-up, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, had a solid second-place showing but still was 19…

Chris Christie

BREAKING: Christie Drops Out

Sources confirm that Chris Christie has ended his presidential run. CNN earlier reported that Christie was meeting with top campaign staff today to discuss this decision. One of the sources told the national network that the New Jersey governor is a realist and knew that his poor showing in New Hampshire’s primary (he finished last among the three governors for sixth place) paired with dwindling…

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Confirms He’s Considering A Run For President

Michal Bloomberg confirmed he is thinking about a run for President of the United States, a move sure to send out warning signals to members of both parties. The former mayor of New York City and owner of a multimedia enterprise, Bloomberg told the Financial Times he is “looking at all the options” regarding a run for the White House that would significantly alter the…

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Not About Who Will Win But By How Much

With just hours before New Hampshire voters show up at the polls to declare their presidential preference, the question on everyone’s mind isn’t so much who is going to win. It’s by how much they do win. Late polling by a slew of pollsters focused on the Granite State have Donald Trump winning the Republican primary and Bernie Sanders the Democratic. That much hasn’t changed…

Rick Santorum

BREAKING: Rick Santorum Drops Out

Rick Santorum is out. That is the word from CNN as sources are telling them Rick Santorum will announce Wednesday he is ending his run for the presidency. The decision from the former Pennsylvania senator leaves eight men and one woman running for the Republican nomination. Santorum surprised many analysts in 2012 when he came from single digits to win the Iowa caucus, besting eventual…

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Drops Out After Abysmal Iowa Caucus, Will Run For Reelection

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has dropped his presidential bid. After finishing with just 5 percent of the support in the Iowa Caucus on Monday, Paul was running out of cash, and time, to mount a successful effort to win the nomination. His father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, finished in third with 20 percent of the votes in the 2012 caucus. Instead, Rand Paul will…

Hillary Clinton Iowa

Hillary Clinton Officially Declared Winner of Iowa Caucus

Hours after the Iowa caucus sites had closed, the Democrats finally have a winner. Hillary Clinton, the embattled party frontrunner who has struggled to resonate with young voters and first-time voters, was able to eek out a victory on Monday night. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Clinton finished with 49.9 percent of the delegate count versus Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 49.6 percent. Martin…

Iowa Caucus

Trump Maintains Slim Lead Moments Before Iowa

The old saying remains true: Turnout is key for Iowa. With just hours remaining before the Iowa Caucus polls continue to show a small lead for Donald Trump; one that is growing smaller. In the polls released a week before the first selection contest for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump enjoyed as much as an 11-point advantage over his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz….


Zika Virus Spotted In United States, No Signs Of Spreading For Now

The Zika virus has crossed into 11 U.S. states, infecting 31 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Three pregnant women, the demographic of highest concern for most national and international health organizations, are among the infected. One of them was a woman in New York City while the other two are in Illinois. Health officials noted, however, that contact with the…

Naval Center Shooting

Navy: No Shooting At San Diego Military Hospital

False Alarm. That’s the word from the U.S. Navy as military officials confirm there was no shooting at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Officials said nothing was found to substantiate the report from one person that shots were fired in Building 26 of the Naval center, not far from Balboa. The building houses barracks, a gym and other administrative offices, according to Naval Capt….