Markets Rebound Sharply As China Cuts Rates

Amid China’s actions to slow their economic downturn, American markets rebounded more than 2.5 percent in early trading Tuesday. Stocks took a massive upward swing when trading opened Tuesday after China cut rates for the fifth straight time amid a sagging economy. Shortly after the markets opened, the Dow shot up 402 points while the NASDAQ climbed 154 points. S&P 500 also climbed 48 points….

After Historic Sell-Off, Markets Set to Bounce on Opening

U.S. Stock Market futures point to a sharply higher open on Tuesday, recovering from the plunge seen in global stocks on Monday as mayhem in Chinese markets and interest rate fears dominated markets.

Inflation Remains Low, US Producer Prices Up Just 0.2 Percent

Producer prices gave the Federal Reserve some cover to avoid raising interest rates new month. The Labor Department’s July report on wholesale prices rose, but only at .2 percent, an indication that food and oil prices are keeping the economy from charging at a faster pace. This comes on the heels of September’s meeting where the Federal Reserve is believed to be considering the first…

Google Coming Up With More Than Soup With New Alphabet Company

Google’s empire on Internet and technology took a new twist with the announcement that Alphabet was taking over as the parent company. The tech titan, starting as an Internet search engine, will separate the Internet businesses, which includes mobile operating system Android, from other ventures, such as their health and self-driving car initiatives. Co-founder Larry Page, who has acted as CEO since its founding in…