Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Continuing to Emerge As the Anti-Trump

The dozen remaining Republican candidates continue to flock to Iowa and New Hampshire, continuing the chaotic campaign season that has just fully started. But back home, there is a name continuing to emerge as the person who is appearing to steer his own fortunes to stronger waters; House Speaker Paul Ryan. As the holiday rumor mill hit high gear that a Ryan floor nomination was…

Cruz with Trump

Trump and Cruz Spar Over Who Invented the Wall

Since the start of the holiday season, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have gone from friendly foes to outright opponents. The punches have ranged from Trump’s questioning of Cruz’s religion and eligibility to become president (the Texas Senator was born in Canada to an American woman) to Cruz claiming Trump has jumped the shark in the campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Now,…

Paul Ryan

GOP Insiders Paving Route For Ryan Nomination

Amid the holiday hustle and bustle in Washington over the past few weeks a common theme emerged from those who stayed in town: House Speaker Paul Ryan could be the Republican nominee for president. Since the start of the holiday season, rumblings among the GOP have been to push for a brokered convention in the case that Donald Trump looks to become the nominee. If…

Polling Story

Early Polling Rarely Leads To Reality

Around Christmastime in 2011, libertarian stalwart Ron Paul’s campaign was riding high. With just over a week before the Iowa caucus, the Texas Republican had a slim majority over Mitt Romney and all the momentum. The wild swing of the campaign season before that point showed candidates taking the lead in the polls for around two weeks, just enough time for Paul to capture the…

George Pataki

BREAKING: Pataki Drops Out

George Pataki is done. The New York governor who made a national name for himself with his handling of affairs after the September 11 attacks, announced to key New Hampshire supporters that he will end his run for the Republican nomination for president, according to the Boston Globe. Scoop: @GovernorPataki is calling his NH supporters this afternoon telling him he will drop his bid for…

Trump Millennials

Millennials Dump Trump In Latest Poll

Millennials have poor opinions of the GOP frontrunner, largely oppose policies towards Muslims. The kids don’t really like Donald Trump. That’s the latest information from a Monmouth College (not the university) poll on so-called millennials who find the GOP presidential candidate in a negative light. Among those polled earlier in December, just 17.5 percent voted have a favorable opinion of him compared to 49.6 percent…

Ted Cruz

Cruz Blasts Washington Post For Editorial Cartoon Of His Children

You can criticize the candidate, but the children are off limits. That’s the line from Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as he slammed the Washington Post. The furor started after the paper posted an editorial cartoon depicting him as a street entertainer grinding an organ while his daughters, drawn to look like street monkeys typically associated with the street organ, are dancing to the music….

Trump Clinton

Trump Attacks Clinton In Latest Campaign Speech

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton felt the brunt end of Donald Trump’s campaign tactics on Monday in Michigan. Two days after Clinton’s debate performance where she stated Trump’s speeches were being used by ISIS as part of its recruiting videos, the Republican candidate fired back at her. “She’s a liar!” Trump said at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Various political fact-checkers seem to back up…

Lindsey Graham

Graham Drops Out

With just weeks left until the Iowa caucus, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recognized the writing on the wall. During a conference call Monday, Graham told supporters he was suspending his race, effectively ending his chances for the White House. His decision lands on the day where he needed to remove his name from the ballot in his home state of South Carolina. “I was hoping…

Vladimir Putin

Russian Leader Putin Endorses Trump For President

Apparently it is not just Donald Trump who thinks his presidency would create a good partnership with Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin practically endorsed the billionaire Republican presidential candidate during his annual press conference with Russian media on Thursday. “He’s a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” Russia’s leader told reporters, according to a translation by Interfax. “It’s not our job to judge…