All-Star Pro Bowl

The All-Star Break No One Has Been Waiting For

The NFL’s Pro Bowl game is this Sunday in Honolulu, Hawaii. The NHL All-Star Game is also being played this weekend in Nashville, TN. Although game is probably a loose-term for what actually happens in both instances. Last year at the NHL All-Star game a record-high 29 goals were scored, further exploiting how un-competitive the game has become. This year the NHL has to deal…

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Quick Peek At Baseball’s Playoffs

Just a few weeks stand between baseball and the Fall Classic as the Wild Card Series starts tonight. First up is the American League game between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros at 8pm Eastern.  The Yankees are leaning on Mashario Tanaka and his 3.51 ERA to lead them to the division series while the Astros will look to Dallas Keuchel, the league’s…