Barack Obama

Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline

The Obama Administration rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, ending the Canada-to-Texas project that has been as much a part of the president’s time in office as anything. Secretary of State John Kerry stated the project designed to pipe oil between the two countries was not in the national security interest of the U.S. and President Barack Obama announced that he agreed with the decision….

Obama, Putin Fail To Resolve Problems over Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin did not come to any breakthrough over Syria after their first meeting in more than two years, signs that the “reset button” strategy of Obama’s first term has not been successful. The two leaders met after both leaders tried to upstage each other at the tradition of speeches by world leaders at the United Nations opening…

Trump Fires Back At Critics After Muslim Firestorm

More than a day after Donald Trump raised a firestorm over his response to a reporters question he has fired back at his critics on Twitter. Letting his supporters defend him on television and radio for most of the day Friday, Trump took matters into his own hands on Twitter saying there would be no controversy if Obama said something similar about him and that…