Donald Trump

New Hampshire

Fight For Relevancy Continues After Trump, Sanders Win

The morning after Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders easily snatched victory in New Hampshire, jostling for the other spots continue. What is known is that the billionaire businessman from nearby New York had no problems holding onto his monumental lead prior to Tuesday’s election, winning 35 percent of the vote. The runner-up, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, had a solid second-place showing but still was 19…

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Confirms He’s Considering A Run For President

Michal Bloomberg confirmed he is thinking about a run for President of the United States, a move sure to send out warning signals to members of both parties. The former mayor of New York City and owner of a multimedia enterprise, Bloomberg told the Financial Times he is “looking at all the options” regarding a run for the White House that would significantly alter the…

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Not About Who Will Win But By How Much

With just hours before New Hampshire voters show up at the polls to declare their presidential preference, the question on everyone’s mind isn’t so much who is going to win. It’s by how much they do win. Late polling by a slew of pollsters focused on the Granite State have Donald Trump winning the Republican primary and Bernie Sanders the Democratic. That much hasn’t changed…

Ted Cruz Citizen

BREAKING: Cruz wins Iowa, Trump and Rubio tussling for second

With nearly all of the reports in, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has taken the win in Iowa’s caucus. With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, Cruz had 28 percent over 24 percent for Donald Trump. A record number of voters came out to caucus in the Hawkeyes State, which was supposed to help Trump but instead hurt him. Meanwhile, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in…

Iowa Caucus

Trump Maintains Slim Lead Moments Before Iowa

The old saying remains true: Turnout is key for Iowa. With just hours remaining before the Iowa Caucus polls continue to show a small lead for Donald Trump; one that is growing smaller. In the polls released a week before the first selection contest for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump enjoyed as much as an 11-point advantage over his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz….

Ted Cruz Rick Perry

One Week From Primary, Cruz Continues To Battle For Win

As the primary soon moves from theoretical leads in the polls to actual delegate counts and votes, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is making a last push to come out of the first gate a winner. His travels through Iowa have included attacks on the other main candidate, at least for the caucuses, and some help from a fellow Texas Republican. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry,…

Cruz, Trump, Iowa

Cruz Doubles Down On Trump as Iowa Gov. Attacks

Words are flying between politicians as Iowa’s caucus approaches. Just hours after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz reinforced his attacks against Donald Trump, Iowa’s governor said the senator should be defeated at all costs for his stance against ethanol. Cruz accused his fiercest rival of not being a real conservative, adding that his lead has “rattled” Trump’s campaign going into the final two weeks of the…

Ted Cruz Citizen

Citizen Eligibility Issue for Cruz Moot, Experts Say

When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz landed on top of the Iowa polls in December, a new campaign message emerged from Donald Trump: Is he eligible? Cruz, who was elected to the U.S. Senate¬† in 2012, was born in Canada to an American woman and a Cuban man. When he was five, his family relocated to Texas. And while the circumstances of his foreign birth (his…

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Continuing to Emerge As the Anti-Trump

The dozen remaining Republican candidates continue to flock to Iowa and New Hampshire, continuing the chaotic campaign season that has just fully started. But back home, there is a name continuing to emerge as the person who is appearing to steer his own fortunes to stronger waters; House Speaker Paul Ryan. As the holiday rumor mill hit high gear that a Ryan floor nomination was…

Cruz with Trump

Trump and Cruz Spar Over Who Invented the Wall

Since the start of the holiday season, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have gone from friendly foes to outright opponents. The punches have ranged from Trump’s questioning of Cruz’s religion and eligibility to become president (the Texas Senator was born in Canada to an American woman) to Cruz claiming Trump has jumped the shark in the campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Now,…