Janet Yellen

Higher Jobs Numbers Makes Fed Rate Increase Likely

Long before the Labor Department released November’s jobs numbers on Friday, which showed a 211,000 increase in employees, the Federal Reserve had been indicating a rate hike was imminent. Now, it’s a virtual certainty. Surpassing expectations for November’s jobs numbers, the Labor Department gave cover for Fed Chair Janet Yellen enough cover to increase rates during the December meeting, which is scheduled for Dec. 15-16….

Fed Chair Yellen Says Rates May Rise Next Month

After an uneasy summer with stocks swinging drastically and signs of an uneasy jobs market, the Federal Reserve may finally find its window to raise rates during its December meeting, senior Fed officials said. Janet Yellen, the head of the Federal Reserve, told the House Financial Services Committee that the economy is “performing well,” on Wednesday, saying that the rates could be raised during the…