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Hillary Clinton Officially Declared Winner of Iowa Caucus

Hours after the Iowa caucus sites had closed, the Democrats finally have a winner. Hillary Clinton, the embattled party frontrunner who has struggled to resonate with young voters and first-time voters, was able to eek out a victory on Monday night. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Clinton finished with 49.9 percent of the delegate count versus Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 49.6 percent. Martin…

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BREAKING: Cruz wins Iowa, Trump and Rubio tussling for second

With nearly all of the reports in, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has taken the win in Iowa’s caucus. With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, Cruz had 28 percent over 24 percent for Donald Trump. A record number of voters came out to caucus in the Hawkeyes State, which was supposed to help Trump but instead hurt him. Meanwhile, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in…

Iowa Caucus

Trump Maintains Slim Lead Moments Before Iowa

The old saying remains true: Turnout is key for Iowa. With just hours remaining before the Iowa Caucus polls continue to show a small lead for Donald Trump; one that is growing smaller. In the polls released a week before the first selection contest for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump enjoyed as much as an 11-point advantage over his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz….

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Cruz Blasts Washington Post For Editorial Cartoon Of His Children

You can criticize the candidate, but the children are off limits. That’s the line from Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as he slammed the Washington Post. The furor started after the paper posted an editorial cartoon depicting him as a street entertainer grinding an organ while his daughters, drawn to look like street monkeys typically associated with the street organ, are dancing to the music….

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Crawls Closer to New Hampshire Lead

Recent polls have shown Florida Sen. Marco Rubio gaining steam in the Republican race for president. The latest shows him virtually tied for the lead among likely voters in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary. Rubio, the junior senator from the Sunshine State, has been tracking upwards in New Hampshire and nationally but still struggled against Donald Trump’s seemingly insurmountable lead since this summer. But,…

Ted Cruz Takes Iowa Lead

While the nation has been focused on Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has been working hard at setting himself up as the experienced alternative to the two candidates. It seems the work is paying off as the latest poll by Monmouth University shows the conservative firebrand taking his first lead for the Iowa Caucus. Cruz, who has been a thorn in…

Fox Business Debate Heavy On Substance, Low On Excitement

If the previous debate can be called angry this debate could be called boring. In an election where candidates have been trying to gain a foothold to win in one of the early primary states the debate on Fox Business can be labeled as a middling affair with very little separating the eight men and women on stage. The opening question on minimum wage resulted…

Poll: Carson Is The Candidate To Beat In Both Parties

With the 2016 election just a year away, Ben Carson is not only on top for the Republican nomination but also beating Hillary Clinton, according to one poll. Quinnipiac University’s national poll, released periodically, has the retired neurosurgeon, under fire from the left for his beliefs regarding addiction and ancient Egyptian history, is statistically tied with businessman Donald Trump for the Republican nomination at 23…

GOP Debate

GOP Debate Filled With Anger, Issues

The Republican candidates were angry about many things during this debate, including the debate itself. The third Republican presidential debate could likely be summed up with one word: anger. Candidates on stage expressed outrage at a number of issues, ranging from the frontrunners — who some thought did not deserve to be in the White House, being called out for missing Senate votes, the media…

Rubio Is Gaining Steam

Marco Rubio, kept out of the presidential conversation this summer with the juggernaut of Donald Trump and the upstarts of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, has been looking for a way to wedge into the national picture as the viable Republican candidate. Stuck behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker during the early discussion and unable to break free from Jeb Bush’s shadow in Florida – not…